Performance Data

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On average, SOS student users who begin a semester with a D-minus will finish that same semester average of a B-plus. On end-of-the-year exams, students not using our tutoring improve four percentage points. Students with the same demographic background who do use our tutoring system, however, improve an average of 16 points.

In another example, out of 400 students who failed the 2016–17 Texas state testing in mathematics (including a fall benchmark exam), 89 percent of them went on to pass the 2017–18 exams after using our tutoring. The scores showed 67 percent of them exceeded expected growth.

With more than 1,200 active SOS users, another Texas school rose from 13th in its district for math to the region's number one performer after only one semester (with two 45-minute tutor sessions a week). At the same school, 250 test prep students improved an average of 242 SAT points and 5.4 points on the ACT with one hour of tutoring every other day for three months.